Monday, December 3, 2007

I Am Still Posting, Check My New Blogs Out:

Just another quick update. I am making regular milk-free posts over at my new Milk-Free Blog.

Since that one can't be commented on, I want to also invite you to my new Wordpress blog, One Frugal Foodie.

Both the website and blog are completely dairy-free, and are updated several times per week, always new content!

Go Dairy Free is a super informational site. If you are on or thinking of a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, or food allergy free diet, you must visit to view the results of my long hours of research and recipe gathering.

Also, we have a new cookbook out with our grassroots publishing company, and dare I say it is gorgeous! It is a full color vegan dessert cookbook (no eggs and no dairy), with a picture accompanying every single recipe (yes, I said every recipe!), each taken by the author herself. Speaking of, the author is an amazing young success story, a friend and wonderful person to work with. You can read more about My Sweet Vegan here - It can also be purchased here on Amazon.


Melissa Hash said...

Great blog, Alisa! I will definately be coming back to visit!

velvet said...

i saw your comment on my blog, so i thought i'd hop over here - WOW! so much good information! this will be such a help to me and my son in our gluten and casein-free journey. thank you!! :)

Planet said...

THANK YOU Alisa for visiting my lil' blog and giving me your dairy free information!!

If my problem ends up being dairy, it will be hard for me unliess I can get recipes and stuff. I know I'll crave chocolate and pizza! Thanks!! janet